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Vitatree Kids: The gift of health for your kids

Health in the early years contributes to the development of biological systems that allow children to thrive and be healthy adults. In Vitatree, we acknowledge the importance of nutrients for children's development, especially for bone, brain, and immune system health.

Introducing Vitatree's Kids range, formulated with premium ingredients that support children's health and development.

Kids High Strength DHA Algae Oil plus Lutein 

Early brain development builds the foundation for future learning, health, and life success. Vitatree Kids High Strength DHA Algae Oil plus Lutein formulated with Algae DHA, lutein, and vegetarian sourced omega-3 fatty acids is a high-intensity support for healthy eyes and brain, and cognitive function.

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In childhood, children need strong bones to ensure good bone health throughout their lives.

Kids Super Milky Calcium 330mg plus vitamin D3

With a milky taste and a combination of Calcium and Vitamin D3, the product is the easiest way to support children's daily intake of these essential nutrients to support kids’ healthy bone, teeth, and muscle development

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Kids Vitamin D3 & K2 Liquid

Kids Vitamin D3 and K2 Liquid formulated with vitamin D3 and K2, together, work as a dynamic duo that promotes calcium absorption and keeps the kid’s bones, heart, and immune system happy and healthy. The product is manufactured in liquid form for easy consumption by kids.

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A child's immature immune system is at risk from outside invaders, including bacteria and viruses. As a result, children are more susceptible to infections and sickness, such as colds and flu. Immunity development and maintenance are essential.

Kids Immunity Support

Packed with the combination of vitamins A, C & E, and the essential mineral Zinc, the product helps maintain a healthy immune system, reduces cold and flu symptoms, and improves general health and wellbeing for your kid. Natural orange flavor without artificial sweeteners, making it safe for children.

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Kids Spray for Cold and Flu

Vitatree Kids Spray for Cold and Flu is kid friendly with a sweet taste. It contains extracts of Olive leaves, Elderberry fruit juice, and Manuka honey, which are traditionally recommended for the treatment of cold and flu, soothe kids’ sore throats, and support their immune systems.

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