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Vitatree Super Propolis Spray: Better Packaging, Better Protection

 Winter is coming, get ready with NEW Super Propolis Spray Complex! This winter, let Vitatree take care of you with our brand new Super Propolis Spray Complex.

The packaging have been upgraded from PET bottle to Aluminum bottle and steel, and also upgraded from 25ML to 30ML! BIGGER SIZE, EXTRA BENEFIT New Super Propolis Spray size is 20% larger, with a brand new 30 ML aluminum bottle and seal.


• Aluminum bottles with HIGH BACTERIA RESISTANCE prolong and lengthen the spray.

• HIGHER MELTING POINT & LIGH RESISTANCE for better storage and easier delivery.

• STRONGLY ANTI-OXYGEN aluminum bottles have no reaction with ingredients inside.

• New aluminum seals PROTECT FLAVOURS and ELIMINATE AIR-LEAK. It could not be opened for refill to prevent refilled fake products. The new bottle of Super Propolis Pray Complex is environment friendly, easy to recycle and leave no harm on our beloved home and beautiful environment.

Super Propolis Spray Complex with honey is a product of Vitatree. Propolis and honey are an ideal natural pairing, both having antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that may speed the healing of wounds and abrasions and for temporary relief from the symptoms of colds, sore throats, mouth ulcers and other oral infections. The spray is a convenient way to administer antibacterial solution to the mouth or skin and can provide relief from symptomatic pain.

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