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Vitamins vs Cold & Flu: What you need to know

You surely need to supplement your body with vital nutrients in order to cope with the flu and cold season. Here are the three most common vitamins that people seek for help with the illness.

Vitamin C may not prevent you from getting cold or flu but it surely supports your recovery

Vitamin C is no longer a stranger. Most of us know this ascorbic acid is a natural antioxidant that can be found in a variety of fresh foods. Vitamin C is essential to our body and has many important functions.

When it comes to cold or flu, many people think that getting enough Vitamin C can prevent us from the illness. This myth, however, has no convincing proof. You're still exposed to the risk of catching flu even when your body is full-filled with Vitamin C.

It doesn't mean that Vitamin C is completely useless in cold and flu season. Many pieces of research show that if you maintain reasonable daily intakes of Vitamin C, it may reduce frequency, duration, or severity of cold or flu.

Vitamin D can help protect against acute respiratory infections

Most people understand the benefits of Vitamin D to bond and muscle development. It could do much more than that. According to recent studies, people with a fair level of vitamin D in their bodies are cutting their risk of respiratory infection. Vitamin D may reduce the number of days a person has a common cold or reduces the peak severity of common cold symptoms.

Getting enough vitamin D in winter can be tricky. You can think of Vitamin D supplements to enhance your health.

Zinc may be your best bet against the common cold

Zinc is a trace element that the cells of our immune system rely on to function. Not zinc deficiency can affect the functioning of our T-cells and other immune cells. Meanwhile, getting enough zinc may reduce the length of colds. Chickpeas, kidney beans, mushrooms, crab, and chicken are all rich in zinc.

Check out Vitatree supplements that may help you to prepare yourself for this cold and flu season.

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