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VNExpress Marathon Ho Chi Minh City Midnight 2024 officially kicks off on the night of March 2nd, into the early hours of March 3rd, where runners once again challenge themselves on the most beautiful routes of Saigon across familiar distances of 5km, 10km, 21km, and 42km.

Having stable health conditions before facing the race is extremely important for any runners. Upholding our tradition, we are thrilled to persist in enriching an event that epitomizes the core of health and vitality. Our sponsorship stands as a testament to our dedication to fostering fitness, wellness, and the delight of an engaged lifestyle. We underscore the significance of nurturing joint health and bolstering immune system efficiency.


Vitatree is a health care brand from Australia. Vitatree's products aim to use natural herbal ingredients combined with the most advanced manufacturing technology to bring the highest quality health products to users.

With the goal of bringing quality health gifts from Australia, all Vitatree products are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards here. The products are manufactured at GMP-standard factories – Good Manufacturing Practice applied to the pharmaceutical and health food industry in Australia.

Vitatree's products comply with the highest standards of the TGA - Therapeutic Goods Administration of the Australian Ministry of Health, with a three-tier legal framework before being introduced to the market. This is a continuous control and monitoring process from research to production. If one pill does not meet quality standards, the entire batch will be recalled and disposed of immediately.

By featuring Vitatree products at the VNExpress Marathon Ho Chi Minh City Midnight 2024, our brand endeavors to deliver premium health offerings from Australia to the Vietnamese populace, with a special focus on the participating athletes.

Vitatree is pleased to offer our product duo, including Vitatree Glucosamine health protection food and Vitatree honey throat spray.


Vitatree Glucosamine 1500 plus Shark Cartilage: Supporting bone and joint health

Knowing that for long-distance runners, maintaining strong and flexible bone and joint health is crucial. Each Vitatree Glucosamine 1500 plus Shark Cartilage tablet supplements Glucosamine and shark cartilage to lubricate joints, effectively preventing joint pain and stiffness.

Vitatree Propolis Spray - Immunity boost

With natural ingredients including natural honey, Manuka honey 15+, our product helps strengthen throat health and effectively alleviate throat itching. This product is trusted and widely used by Vietnamese consumer and over the world.

Compact in size, runners can easily carry it in their pockets during their runs. The product helps protect your respiratory tract, just spray 2 to 3 times to effectively soothe the throat.

This March 1st and 2nd, visit our booth before the race to revitalize your energy! Engage in numerous activities and grab attractive gifts. Join us in celebrating this fantastic event as we continue our journey toward promoting a healthier, happier community.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you all.

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