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Newsletter: Vitatree & VnExpress Marathon 2023

At Vitatree, we are not only providing the finest healthcare products, but we are also here to really care about society. Vitatree sees its role as encouraging and assisting people in living a healthier life.

This year, Vitatree is proud to be a sponsor of the VnExpress Marathon 2023 in Vietnam, one of our key markets in Southeast Asia. This marathon is being organized by VnExpress, one of the most trusted media outlets in Vietnam, to promote the sporting spirit. Over 70,000 participants have taken part in the program over the past four years, and it has become the country's largest running system. Through this sponsorship, Vitatree aims to share the sporting spirit and emphasize the importance of bone and joint health in sporting among the participants.

Vitatree Glucosamine 1500 plus Shark Cartilage and Vitatree Propolis Spray will be the key products promoted in this sponsorship. The product will be presented as an awarding gift to the marathon winners and also featured during the event.

Vitatree Glucosamine 1500 plus Shark Cartilage

Contains glucosamine, which can help reduce joint inflammation and swelling; increase joint mobility associated with arthritis; meanwhile, the chondroitin, the main extract of Shark Cartilage, is known to help maintain healthy, mobile, and strong joint cartilage.

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Vitatree Super Propolis Spray Complex with Honey 30ml

With our antibacterial-rich bee propolis and premium honey, Vitatree Super Propolis Spray with Honey and Mint helps soothe scratchy and sore throats. The spray tastes sweet from honey while freshens mouth breathes with peppermint oil.

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