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Natural Remedies for Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis occurring when uric acid accumulates in the bloodstream and crystallises in joints, potentially causing severe inflammation and pain. There is no doubt that it is not pleasant. If you are experiencing flare-up pain, here are some natural remedies you can try to relieve it.

Willow Bark

This plant has been used to treat pain, fever and gout for 4,000 years. Willow Bark is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions providing temporary relief for gouty arthritis. It also acts a lot like aspirin, as its main active ingredient is salicin; therefore, willow bark has proven its effectiveness as a ‘pain killer’ to gout.

Celery Seed

Celery seed is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine because of diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that they can help relieve the symptoms and pain that come with mild gout and rheumatism. Furthermore, diuretics help to flush and can therefore help to eliminate harmful uric acid from the body.


Cherries were found to lover uric acid levels in the blood that help reduce the symptoms of gout and prevent future gout flare-ups. They are also naturally high in antioxidants and provide anti-inflammatory action. In the research, three servings of any cherry form over a two-day period were recommended.

Vitamin C

Studies indicate vitamin C may help reduce uric acid levels in the blood, which may prevent flare-ups of gout. Furthermore, vitamin C is also has high reputation for support and boost your immune system function.


Vitatree Gout Relief is packed with celery seed, tat cherries and vitamin C, which can provide a multiple-action approach to relieving gout symptoms, delivering anti-inflammatory support, and pain relief, and can also assist in connective tissue production/formation.

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