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Glucosamine and Joint health

It is common to hear people talking about "glucosamine" in connection with joint pain and health. Glucosamine is a well-known ingredient in supplements that supports joint health. 

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is one of the primary building blocks found in cartilage, which is the tough tissue helping cushion your joint. As a substance, glucosamine is utilised by our bodies to build joint tissues including cartilage and tendons.

Glucosamine provides two significant benefits to maintaining a healthy joint function. As a component of cartilage, it performs natural shock absorption, protecting your body as you walk, stand, climb stairs, and even run and exercise. Also, the addition of glucosamine contributes to the lubrication of joints, which further promotes mobility, range of motion, and ease of movement.

Glucosamine Supplement.

Our glucosamine levels fall as we age, and our cartilage starts breaking down, which leads to more joint friction, pain, and discomfort, especially in the knee. The natural food sources of glucosamine are few and far between shellfish shells such as shrimp, lobster, and crabs. Therefore, glucosamine supplements are an effective way to support joint health and overall health.

Vitatree Glucosamine 1500 plus Shark Cartilage is packed with 1500 mg glucosamine that can help reduce joint inflammation and swelling and increase joint mobility associated with arthritis. It may also relieve arthritic pain temporarily. In combination with chondroitin, the main extract of Shark Cartilage is known to help maintain healthy, mobile, and strong joint cartilage.


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