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Do B-vitamins help reduce stresss?

Do B-vitamins help reduce stresss?

B vitamins play a key role in the maintenance of good mental health. Top on the list of stress-relieving vitamins and supplements are the B vitamins, which play a beneficial role in reducing anxiety and improving your mood.

- For anxiety, vitamin B12 is especially powerful for managing your mood and also increases your ability to focus and remember information.
- Vitamin B1 keeps your nervous system healthy
- Vitamin B2 calms the nervous system.
- Vitamin B6 supports your immune system during times of anxiety.

Do B-vitamins help reduce stresss?\

Let's source B-vitamins-rich food and lift up our mood.

- Salmon is high in several B vitamins. A100-gram cooked serving of salmon contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, B6, B3, which are helpful for your overall energy, adrenal glands, mental clarity, and even help manage stress.
- Leafy greens: Several leafy greens stand out for their folate (B9) content. Add some spinach, turnip, romaine lettuce to your dinner!
- Egg: Simple, yummy, and healthy - one large egg contains multi-B-vitamins, including B2, B6, B7, B9 and B12.
- Beef: Beef can make a big contribution to your B vitamin intake. Not to mention, Australian beef is great!

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