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Cold and Flu Home Remedies for Kids

You just want your kiddo to feel better when they are sick with a cough or cold. Using all-in-one coughs and cold over-the-counter medications may help. In addition, you can consider using a variety of home remedies to push the process along and ease their symptoms.

Here are some home remedies you can try to help your kid feel better.

1. A spoonful of honey

The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of honey can help your kid get a better night’s sleep and settle a cough. One teaspoon (15ml) of honey is recommended about half an hour before bedtime. Additionally, honey can relieve sore throat pain if consumed with lemon tea.

Honey, however, should never be given to a child younger than 1-year-old, as it may contain botulinum spores. The immune systems of infants aren't able to fight them off, even though they're typically harmless to older children and adults.


2. Plenty of fluids

Making kids feel better starts with keeping them hydrated. When your kids have a cold or flu, they may lose their appetite and not want to eat or drink much. As a result, you should offer small amounts of food and liquid frequently. There are numerous kid-friendly options available, such as soup (try a low-sodium broth), applesauce, juice mixed with water, and frozen treats like popsicles. 


3. Vitamin C

There are many health benefits associated with vitamin C in your body. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, along with limes, oranges, grapefruits, leafy greens, and other fruits and vegetables. It may help you reduce phlegm when you are sick to mix lemon juice with hot tea and honey. Alternatively, you can drink lemonade warm or cold.

While these drinks may not cure your cold entirely, they can provide your immune system with vitamin C. Adequate vitamin C intake can alleviate upper respiratory tract infections.


4. Throat Spray

The advantage of throat spray for sore throats or colds and flu is that it targets the specific area of pain, providing immediate relief. As well as supporting the immune system, it may help to boost your energy levels. In terms of easing the symptoms of colds and flu, it is one of the most effective and convenient solutions.


Vitatree Kids Spray for Cold & Flu contains extracts of Olive leaf, Elderberry fruit juice powder, and Manuka honey, which are traditionally recommended for the treatment of colds and flu, soothe kids’ sore throats, and support their immune systems. A sweet taste makes the product kid friendly.

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