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4 types of exercises

Let's get ready for the holidays!

You already know that exercise is one of the key methods for staying healthy and in shape. Nevertheless, you may not realize that you tend to focus on one type of exercise or activity and think you're doing enough. It is important to get all four types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility, each of which has different benefits.

Let's take a look at it together!

1. Endurance exercises

Endurance activities often referred to as aerobic, increase your breathing and heart rate. These activities keep you healthy, improve your fitness, and promote the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Here are some activities that you can try: brisk walking or jogging, dancing, swimming, biking, climbing stairs or hills, and playing tennis or basketball.


2. Strength exercises

Your muscular strength can make a big difference. Focusing on building your muscles strong can assist with your balance and prevent falls and fall-related injuries. Some people choose to use weights to help improve their strength, such as gym and lifting weight. However, other activities can help you, such as carrying groceries, gripping a tennis ball, overhead arm curls, wall push-ups, and using a resistance band during your exercises.


3. Balance exercises

In almost every activity we perform on a daily basis, we need balance. Practicing balance exercises can reduce the risk of falls, improve balance, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. You can practice balance exercises through Tai Chi, a “moving meditation” that involves shifting the body slowly, gently, and precisely while breathing deeply. Furthermore, you can also try yoga, such as standing on one foot, the heel-to-toe walk, the balance walk, and standing from a seated position.


4. Flexibility exercises 

Flexibility exercises offer many physical benefits via stretching your body to become more supple and flexible and allow for easier and deeper movements while building strength and stability. There are several yoga exercises that you can try, including the back stretch, the inner thigh stretch, the ankle stretch, and the back of leg stretch.


Try to combine all four types of exercise to improve the benefits of exercise as well as improve your general well-being.


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