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4 new members debuted under Vitatree premium range

2021 isn't an easy year. It's been really tough for all of us. The deadly pandemic with on-off lockdowns has challenged our physical and mental health.  With the commitment to bring trusted proven high-quality health products to our community, this year, Vitatree proudly succeed to announce 4 new premium products: Mega B Stress Relief Complex, Lung Detox, Premium Sugar Balance, and Premium Prostate Care. Each product is a message from Vitatree to every one of our beloved customers.

We care about your mental health

Since 2020, when the pandemic and lockdowns first began, we have been fully awared of how important it is for us to take our mental health serious. Working from home causes many people stressed. Staying at home orders isolated us from the normal social activities while we were absorbing loads of negative news. 

With the release of Vitatree Mega Stress Relief Complex, we want to offer another choice to anyone searching for a mood-lifting dietary supplement. A bottle of 60 capsules provides a comprehensive formulation combining 10 essential B vitamins and nutrients to support your energy production and help relieve tiredness, fatigue, and feeling of weakness. It also supports healthy stress response in the body and relieving symptoms of stress as well as maintaining general health and wellbeing. 

Vitatree Mega B Stress Relief Complex

It's an attentiveness your lungs need

2020-2021, more than ever, Australians have appreciated that our respiratory health determines how we live and work. However, according to Lung Foundation Australia, research shows that almost half (46%) of all Australians rarely or never think about their lung health. 

We breathe about 20,000 times per day and full-fill the lungs with air. The air we breathe into our lungs every day contains not only oxygen but all kind of pollutants. Our lungs are amazing at self-cleaning but it doesn't mean that we could leave all of the jobs to this pair. There are certain things we should do to help them function at an optimal level, including maintaining their detoxification processes. That's why the 2nd product in Vitatree new range is Vitatree Lung Detox. 

Vitatree Lung Detox

Vitatree Lung Detox is a herbal-based formula, delivering trusted natural lung health solutions to enrich people's lives. Each tablet contains selective herbal ingredients, which have been applied for centuries in traditional East Asian treatment for lungs and respiratory health.

Balanced blood sugar for a balanced life

A new member in Vitatree premium range is Vitatree Premium Sugar Balance. It supports your Sugar Metabolism while maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar and Energy Production. 

What is blood sugar and why do we encourage people to pay attention to it? The term “blood sugar level” refers to the amount of sugar or glucose in your bloodstream. Sugar is produced when we consume carbohydrates (carbs) from food and enters our bloodstream before the process of being absorbed as fuel. Blood sugar is the master controller that dictates our hunger, our cravings, and our energy. We feel best when our blood sugar is balanced; not too high or not too low. 

Balanced blood sugar helps keep energy levels stable and good mental health. It is not only important for those with diabetes or severe health conditions, it is important for everyone. Yet many people are experiencing fluctuations in their blood glucose levels during this hard time. Stress, anxiety, overall disruption of lives, restrictive regimens, and confinement at home were said to be the key factors for the experience.  

If you are experiencing imbalanced blood sugar, Vitatree Premium Sugar Balance may help. It contains chromium, an essential nutrient for sugar metabolism, plus B vitamins and magnesium which also help sugar metabolism as well as energy metabolism.  

Vitatree Premium Sugar Balance

Offer a natural combination to enhance men's health

When it comes to improving health, men often think about exercise or body building. They hardly pay attention to a small gland called prostate. Many of them are only alert to prostate health until they are faced with a problem as the prostate gets bigger while men age. 

Health Direct Australia stated that around half of men aged over 50 experience ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’, which means swelling or enlargement of the prostate. It's common for men to experience health issues because of the enlarged prostate including being unable to urinate, painful urination or the need to urinate frequently.

To prevent any kind of prostatic problem, men are recommended to adopt healthy lifestyle and schedule regular prostate check-ups. Vitatree also bring a natural solution to improve men's prostate health with Vitatree Premium Prostate Care. This new product has been launched in September with the mission of helping men maintain healthy prostate function.

Vitatree Premium Prostate Care

Vitatree Premium Prostate Care contains a combination of synergistic herbs and nutrients that have been scientifically researched to support the prostate health. The formula comprises decent extracts of Serenoa repens (Saw palmetto), Urtica dioica nettle and Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato). It also provides Zinc oxide and Selenomethionine, which are minerals with documented benefits for prostate wellness. With Vitatree Premium Prostate Care, we want to support men enhance their health, not only to prevent them from prostate issues, but so maintain healthy immune system function.

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